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Sage HR & Payroll Software Implementation and Maintenance

HR and Payroll Solutions by AWCape

Our dedicated team of HR and Payroll software specialists are here to walk you through every phase to ensure successful implementation and integration of your new Sage solution, ultimately saving you valuable time and money.

Fast and affordable HR and Payroll
Software Implementations

initial setup and design

To kick-start the Sage HR and Payroll implementation process, our team will meet with you to do a needs analysis about your business and discuss your HR and Payroll goals and challenges. We will cover processes, data migration (if necessary), parameters, equity and skills, and reporting requirements.

Implementation And Customisation Of Your
Sage HR & Payroll Solution

We will customize your HR & Payroll software solution based on our agreed Scope of Work and your specific requirements. To ensure the success and promptness of this implementation project, your Project Manager and the solution expert will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure you are part of this process.

Go Live and Ongoing Software Support

Once we have finished configuring your solution along with your team, we will do a test run to ensure all input processes, modules, and reporting capabilities are to your satisfaction. We will then go live and serve as your ongoing HR and Payroll software support specialists following the implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing Sage can be challenging, involving tasks such as data migration, system integration, user training, customisation, and technical support. By partnering with AWCape, a trusted Sage Business Partner, with the implementation process, helps overcome these challenges.

AWCape specialises in complex data migration and ensuring accurate transfer of data in your new Sage system. Our team’s expertise in system implementation and integration ensures smooth communication between Sage and other systems, minimising integration difficulties.

AWCape provides comprehensive user training and support, tailoring programmes to meet specific business needs. Their experts empower users to effectively utilise Sage's features, maximising its potential.

As a Sage partner, AWCape offers customised solutions, including configuration, custom reports, workflows, and integrations. The team ensuress Sage meets the unique requirements of each business.

AWCape's reliable technical support resolves issues promptly, minimising downtime and optimising Sage's performance.

By partnering your business with AWCape, allows businesses to leverage their expertise, streamline processes, and ongoing support for a successful Sage implementation, fully harnessing its capabilities.

The implementation process of Sage typically includes several steps. Firstly, there is the planning phase where the specific requirements and goals are identified, and a detailed implementation plan is developed. Next, the configuration phase involves setting up the system to meet the business's specific needs by adjusting settings, defining workflows, and migrating your data.

After configuration, the system undergoes thorough testing to ensure it functions properly and meets the established requirements. User training and support are then provided to ensure effective utilisation of the system. Finally, the system is deployed to the testing environment, integrating it with other systems and applications.

The duration of each step can vary depending on factors such as implementation complexity and the size of the business.

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