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Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is the latest cloud-based solution that will transform the way you connect with your workforce. From PAYE to UIF, we’ll help you stay compliant with automatic legislative updates while simplifying your key payroll processes.

Why Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional?




Manage your HR and payroll processes from a secure platform that is legislatively compliant. 



Gain insights for better decision making at every level of your business with intuitive reporting and business intelligence tools. 



Collaborate throughout the organisation with access to HR and Payroll data on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Top 5 reasons to love Payroll Professional

True Cloud Payroll allows you to work om wherever you are

Reliable, secure, and easy-to-use, backed by years of payroll experience

Automated updates ensure compliance with local legislation and legal reporting

Available across multiple locations within Southern Africa and the wider African continent

Simple migration process for existing customers, allowing you to move your data securely and accurately

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With anytime, anywhere access and less administration, your business can streamline key payroll processes and gain insights into your workforce for better decision making.

Key features and benefits


Personnel management

Provides a single source of truth with accurate employee information, and a host of features including; interviews, training, qualifications, remuneration and more.


Payroll on the go

Fully cloud-based payroll software with automatic updates, keeping your payroll processes consistently up-to-date and compliant. An always available, secure and scalable solution.


Leave management

Allows you to take the sweat out of processing leave. Manage leave administration and enforce company specific leave policies, while integrating fully with existing payroll fields eliminating double entries.


Employee equity

Manage your HR and payroll processes from a secure platform that is legislatively compliant. 



Paperless process for managers and employees in managing leave, claims and maintaining personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sage Business Cloud Payroll Professional is a cloud-based payroll management software solution that enables businesses to manage their payroll processes efficiently and accurately.

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