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Today’s world demands fast delivery, better customer service and zero tolerances for mistakes.

The integration between various business systems of an organisation, be it ERP, Payroll, CRM, Industry Vertical Solutions, and the systems of outside partners are one of the biggest challenges faced in today’s dynamic business environment. The database structures of the data captured at the source of the transaction and the data structure going into the financial back-office are often not the same, and as a result, valuable hours are wasted trying to match the bi-directional flow of information.

AWCape has over the years developed and accumulated tools and skills that offer seamless integration and compatibility with Sage solutions to provide a platform where integration is made through configuration, not code, making it possible to connect your business systems quickly and easily. AWCape’s integration team can unite either cloud or on-premise business systems with Sage Intacct, a powerful cloud accounting and financial management solution, designed for finance professionals.


Today’s world demands fast delivery, better customer service and zero tolerances for mistakes. This has led to a large investment in business process automation. AWCape understand this and help our clients reduce costs and improve productivity through automation of their business processes within or across systems.

Both integration and business process automation aims to create business processes where data is entered in once and nobody needs to touch it again. As a result, there needs to be trust in the underlying platform / software. This is especially true as more complex business logic, machine learning and AI are being added to these processes. As a result, we have worked with many technology leaders in this space. Two of which are listed below: Modern Flow and Synatic. These platforms deliver massive productivity and cost savings for clients – see success stories.


Business Platforms

Modern Flow

A business process automation (BPA) solution that forms part of the digital transformation journey. It makes use of cloud-enabled technology to automate simplex or complex business processes. A business using Modern Flow will have the ability to simplify their business by controlling data inputs, increase service delivery and quality, contain cost and improve overall productivity. It consists of integrating new and existing applications throughout the organisation to achieve a centralised interface for all data workflows.


An integration platform that speeds up integration work and creates highly reliable, maintainable, and high-performance systems integration. Connectors are available to all major applications and systems and are ready to go. It also has enterprise-grade monitoring, logging, and security. Using Synatic drastically cuts integration effort and costs.

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