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Business Process Automation

AWCape improves business efficiency, accuracy, and scalability with business process automation services.

Automate Your Manual Processes with AWCAPE

Today’s business environment requires you to be fast, agile, and adaptable. It’s impossible to survive if you are bogged down by manual, time-consuming processes. For example, if you’re stuck in the weeds with numbers and spreadsheets, it’s time to automate and discover the benefits of integrated systems.

With AWCape, our team of experts will transform your manual, time-consuming processes into a quick, automated flow so you can get back to work on your business, instead of in it.

Here's how Business Process Automation works

Automated Data Entry

We use the power of technology to instantaneously extract and process information; whether it be financial data from receipts, invoices, bank statements or whether it is recruitment forms - you’ll never have to worry about miss-entered information or the time wasted filling in spreadsheets.

Expense and Revenue Management

Money flows in and out every day. You need a system that can track the flow of cash without any delay to ensure you and your suppliers are paid on time and accurately. We provide advice on what the best solution is for this, or enhance your current solution through integration and automation.

Financial Reporting

If insightful reports are not in front of you right when you need them, you could be a step behind the competition. We’ll set you up with automated reporting dashboards to give you the information that you need, when you need it, to make decisions for today and tomorrow. In addition, your month-end closes can be completed with a few easy clicks of a button.

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