Petroleum Agency SA has reported a major increase in business efficiency following the implementation of a Sage 300 (Accpac) integrated procurement system supplied by leading System Integrators & SAGE Business Partner AWCape.

Petroleum Agency SA Procurement Officer Bongiwe Fikizolo

Petroleum Agency SA Procurement Officer Bongiwe Fikizolo commented “the procurement solution provided by AWCape has delivered a world class, fully integrated order and accounting system with significant benefits to Petroleum Agency SA. The AccTech Business Process Management System (BPM), previously called eWorkflow, is a fully Sage 300 integrated procurement solution and is providing major efficiencies across operations & finance, by simplifying the process, giving us a full audit trail, tightening governance further and reducing the amount of hours spent on manual paperwork. AWCape paid great attention to the Agency’s requirements, with the result that the newly implemented system was a game changer for Petroleum Agency SA!”

Ms Fikizolo further commented “In order to improve operations and manage internal procurement challenges, it was fitting for the Agency to implement the AccTech BPM system, which is a fully integrated procurement solution for Sage 300 users. Benefits realised to-date include savings in time, improvement on manual processes, increased levels of transparency, efficiency and internal controls. There has been significant improvements on previously implemented systems & procedures, as echoed by all users surveyed, with a very important experience the ability to manage most of the administration of the system using internal resources, creating less dependence on external administrative support. The biggest advantage though is that the system is completely integrated with Sage 300.”

AccTech BPM system

The AccTech BPM system include built-in intelligence that enhances compliance without the user having to intervene. It’s also intuitive and easy to use, with helpful search functions that help to monitor the status of requisitions. The ease of use and the ability to approve requisitions when travelling or attending external meetings, as a result of availability on mobile devices, is an important feature acknowledged by the Agency’s top management.

In the event leave planning, the system allows the user to nominate and set proxy delegations, or alternate users. The system also allows the user to send requisitions back to the originator, previous approvers or other users for comment, clarity or to add information. Previously it was a frustration when all information was lost when a request was rejected – not so anymore with the new system. Furthermore the system has multiple search functions which allows the user to track the status of the requisition.

Improved vendor management. The integrated procurement solution captures a full audit trail and applies very clear rules when it comes to tasks such as ordering and payment of creditors, and the application of limits of authority. Improved control is also extended through the vendor self-help portal or Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) component of the system, which allows the self registration of vendors , monitoring  validity of compliance documents such as BEE and Tax Clearance certificates as well as monitoring any change in vendor information such as banking details and company information. An important benefit for the Agency is VRM’s ability to create it’s own automated reports, which is a great cost saver and help with audit preparations and BEE verification.

AWCape Managing Director Cornel Smit

Commented AWCape Managing Director Cornel Smit “AccTech BPM is a world-class procurement workflow solution that automates most finance processes via a web interface. Petroleum Agency SA users don’t even know that they are indirectly accessing the powerful back-office Sage 300 accounting system”

Procurement Officer Bongiwe Fikizolo concluded “AWCape’s ability to deliver on time and within budget, together with their track record of delivering world-class support, gave us the confidence to embark on and successfully complete this major project”.

Petroleum Agency SA AWCape Client

About Petroleum Agency SA

About Petroleum Agency SA promotes exploration for onshore and offshore oil and gas resources and their optimal development on behalf of government. The Agency regulates exploration and production activities, and acts as the custodian of the national petroleum exploration and production database.