Isilumko choose integrated accounting and HR

Isilumko Staffing, which has successfully used Sage 300 People for 7 years, selected AWCape to supply and implement Sage 300cloud, an integrated business management solution. The full integration between Sage 300cloud and Sage 300 People, plus the ability to deploy these two leading Sage solutions in a hosted environment was attractive benefits for Isilumko.

Isilumko AWCape client

Headquartered in Cape Town with offices in main centres around South Africa, Isilumko delivers talent through scalable staffing solutions by recruiting the highest-calibre, best-suited candidates for its clients. Isilumko’s design, branding, and marketing results in functional, strategic and customised concepts for its clients – brought to life through on-demand ambassadors, creating exposure, closing sales and generating new business for its clients. Clients include major South African banks, large retail groups and other large organisations.

Isilumko Financial Director, David Greene

Isilumko Financial Director, David Greene, said: “I am responsible for all IT infrastructure and the last thing I wanted was to add more complexity to my portfolio, so a hosted solution was imperative. I was familiar with Sage as we have run Sage 300 People for years, which led me to enquire about Sage 300cloud. We have managed to do the installation seamlessly and under budget. At no stage was there any delay or interruption in our business processes”.

When asked how Sage 300cloud has benefitted the company, Greene replied: “It has helped simplify many of our processes and allowed us greater flexibility in delivering a better service to our clients. Having a fully integrated Sage Accounting and Payroll solution on a Private Dedicated Server (PDS) allows us to work from anywhere, while our new, streamlined processes have allowed us to work smarter and quicker”.

When asked if Isilumko was satisfied by the end-result, Green commented: “It was a seamless process, made so much easier by the AWCape team knowing what they were doing”.

Dr Khalil du Plessis, AWCape’s Director: Professional Services and Project Lead

Dr Khalil du Plessis, AWCape’s Director: Professional Services and Project Lead, said: “For Isilumko it was a natural choice to move to Sage 300cloud due to the mature design of the system. To keep processes simple, it was important that the system offers easy bulk processing of transactions as well as support for various projects and job costing methods within the same system. Both key requirements are out-of-the-box functionality in Sage 300cloud, which made the implementation process seamless and simple. Well-developed standard reports in Sage 300cloud further simplified the implementation and avoided additional costs for development of customised reports”.

Gerhard Hartman, Vice President: Medium Business, Sage Africa & Middle East

Gerhard Hartman, Vice President: Medium Business, Sage Africa & Middle East, said: “We are pleased to partner with AWCape to enable customers like, Isilumko Staffing, to deliver a fully integrated platform between Sage 300cloud and Sage 300 People spanning its entire business and processes. As an integrated solution encompassing finance, payroll and HR, the new Sage solution at Isilumko gives the company one source of the truth, better visibility into its business, and the ability to provide seamless user experiences, wherever people choose to work.”