Why South African wine business Brenn-O-Kem upgraded to Sage Intacct

Brenn-O-Kemm Sage Intacct

Wine waste transformation company Brenn-O-Kem was not getting what it needed from its accounting financial solution, so it switched to Sage Intacct.

Brenn-O-Kem CFO Andries Rossouw explained why Sage Intacct was a great choice in a recent webinar hosted by AWCape.

Why Brenn-O-Kem chose Sage Intacct

Brenn-O-Kem has expanded significantly in recent times, resulting in a private equity sale last in 2020.

This meant that Brenn-O-Kem required a different perspective on controls and reporting, which necessitated a new accounting system.

After doing his research, Brenn-O-Kem CFO Andries Rossouw decided to work with AWCape and implement Sage Intacct.

“The package as a whole just seems as though it’s going to be more than able to assist us, even in this difficult environment,” explained Rossouw.

“So many of the features were new to us, but it’s so convenient – in the past, we would have longed for these features, and now they’re available!”

Some of these new features were previously unavailable to Brenn-O-Kem including a fresh modern interface, multi-entity consolidations, automated and configurable workflows, dimensional accounting, and lots of modern dashboards and reporting facilities.

Rossouw said that while Brenn-O-Kem is still in the initial stages of the onboarding process, everything is running smoothly so far.

“It’s quite a wonderful journey,” said Rossouw.

“We have people who are not accounting-trained who can easily work with Sage Intacct.”

“It’s so user-friendly, and I think a lot of people will find it easy to work with – especially if you’ve worked on the previous versions before.”

Rossouw added that working with AWCape to implement Sage Intacct has made the journey much simpler.

“The feedback we’ve had has confirmed to us that people at AWCape are committed to making this thing work,” said Rossouw.

“Knowing that moving forward, we’re going to continually improve on and use Sage Intacct even further – it’s nice to know that you’ve got a partner that’s going to walk the full road with you.”

Moving to the cloud with Sage Intacct

In June, Gartner recognised Sage Intacct in its Critical Capabilities report by awarding it the highest product score in the Core Financials for Lower Midsize Business Use Case.

This is the fifth year in a row that Sage Intacct has been awarded this honour, and it reaffirmed that Sage Intacct is the best solution of its kind in the world.

The cloud-based platform provides fast and direct access to key metrics and improves management efficiency by up to 80%.

“Sage Intacct is the latest in tech. It’s a cloud-based system, built in the cloud, and it really is an opportunity to leapfrog your competitors,” states AWCape MD Jeff Ryan.

Gerhard Hartman, Vice President, Medium Business for Sage Africa & Middle East says: “With a 65% increase in productivity and a reduction in finance software costs of up to 60%, Sage Intacct is a great cloud solution for any business. Sage Intacct is scalable, allowing you to easily handle a growing number of users, customers, transactions, or entities.”

Enjoy the valuable information brought to you by AWCape by watching the webinar below.