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Webbased CRM

Sage CRM is a full-featured, web-based solution that automates sales, marketing, and customer service. Easy-to-use and quick to deploy in the cloud or on-premise. Sage CRM fully integrates with most Sage solutions.

A CRM solution helps you simplify the sales process, shorten sales cycles, and make the most of every sales opportunity.

Sales Automation

CRM software automates sales tasks such as creating quotes and orders, forecasting sales, progressing leads and converting them to opportunities using sales workflows. Using CRM software, your marketing team can identify the sources of leads, opportunities and closed sales.

Sage CRM users can also find customer information for upcoming campaigns and send targeted email marketing campaigns. When customers place orders for your products or services after these marketing campaigns, you can track these orders using an ERP or business management solution, such as the Sage 300 solutions.

How Sage CRM helps your business

From sales, marketing and service modules to fully integrated CRM, we help extend the power of your Sage Business Management Solution right across your business. You get access to the accurate data you need to make informed business decisions.

Help your teams accomplish more

Avoid duplication of work and handle customer relationships more efficiently with a consolidated view of data.

Track campaigns with MailChimp and Sage CRM

Track campaigns with MailChimp and Sage CRM

Based on your latest customer information, send email campaigns in MailChimp, track it with Sage CRM and drive growth upwards.

Improve customer service

Gain an end-to-end view of the customer life cycle based on reliable data and capitalise on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Improve customer service
What our customers say

About Sage CRM Solutions

Says Helderberg Village CEO, Vagn Nielsen: “Before we implemented Sage CRM, we ran a manual system, where jobs were assigned and tracked via pieces of paper on a clipboard. We recognised that we would better manage our technicians’ time and gain more visibility into service delivery if we introduced an electronic system with a full audit trail.”  

“After an extensive investigation of the offerings on the market, we found that Sage CRM would be the best fit for our needs. Sage CRM offers tight integration with Sage 300cloud, the accounting solution that we use for our finances. We also had a well-established relationship with AWCape as our Sage Business Partner, giving us reassurance that we could expect a smooth implementation.”

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Vagn Nielson, CEO, Helderberg Village
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