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Educor is the largest provider of private education in Southern Africa. They provide Higher, Private College (Further Education and Training Institution) education via face-to-face classes, distance learning and online learning. They offer full-time and part-time studies, providing people from all walks of life with access to education.


 "The introduction of the web browser based version, together with the stability that we experienced when running in excess of 70 users for more than 8 years, has proved to us that Sage 300 has reached a level of maturity that no other system can match for a group our size".


 - Group Chief IT & Strategic Projects Officer Ian Bayley

The Educor Group adopted Sage 300 as their enterprise system of choice. According to the Group IT and Special Projects Officer, Ian Bayley, the main reason was the fact that the business had rolled out the product at three of its trading brands and therefore had confidence in the robustness & reliability experienced with Sage 300, previously known as ACCPAC.

Bayley believes that the modernisation of the old ACCPAC has been very successful, stating that, “The introduction of the web browser based version, together with the stability that we experienced when running in excess of 70 users for more than eight years, has proven to us that Sage 300 has reached a level of maturity that no other system can match for a Group of our size.”

Educor is the largest private education provider in Southern Africa. The Group’s primary business is the delivery of high-quality tertiary education through an offering of over 800 courses through face to face, distance and online learning. These qualifications are offered through a number of education brands, including Damelin, CityVarsity, ICESA, Lyceum College, INTEC College, Damelin Correspondence College, Damelin School of Banking and Insurance, Central Technical College and CityVarsity Online.

The Group’s education brands boast an impressive legacy within the education landscape. INTEC College is over 100 years old, Lyceum College has been operational for more 90 years, and Damelin for more than 70 years. The Group also has a network of campuses throughout Southern Africa, with students from across the African continent.

As result of past successes within Educor, Sage 300 was the natural choice, but one of the challenges to migrate all companies to Sage 300 was timing. Adhering to project completion deadlines was of the utmost importance for a project of this magnitude, thus we chose a relatively quiet time within the business cycle to implement the new system. In addition to migrating all divisions of the business to Sage 300, it was also decided to upgrade them with the latest browser-based version, Sage 300c.

The Educor Group has had a relationship with Sage business partner AWCape for more than six years, during which time the various teams learned to work together successfully. According to AWCape Executive Chairman, Henri Hattingh: “In a migration project of this nature there was no room for error as a business the size of Educor could not afford to be sidetracked by an inefficient and poorly managed IT project. The project was delivered on time and within budget, which is an outstanding achievement for an IT project. It owes its success to the calibre and experience of people like Educor’s Ian Bayley and AWCape’s experienced consultants & project managers.”

Hattingh further commented that “AWCape’s staff are focused on delivering successful Sage 300 projects. The AWCape team has never been sidetracked through supporting multiple product lines. We could see the value of this focus by measuring the benefit of delivering on time and within budget for the Educor Group.”

“As a result of this focus on Sage 300 by AWCape, most of Cape Town’s large institutions running Sage 300 are being supported by AWCape, with this support being extended to large corporates in country’s such as Ghana and Nigeria, with Kuwait currently being negotiated”, said Hattingh.

Our experience and dedication to quality products and services is what sets AWCape apart from our industry peers.

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