CapeNature Permit System successfully deployed on Sage CRM

AWCape developed a Sage CRM based Permit Issuing System for CapeNature to replace the original paper based manual system being used before, and in the process drastically improved business efficiency.
CapeNature’s CIO Mohammed Parker stated “CapeNature derived great benefit from deploying the Sage CRM suite of products for the provisioning of its permits. The original system was time-consuming and labour intensive, with incomplete applications, missing information and onerous causing long delays in issuing permits”. He further stated that “the Sage CRM based system provides a self-help portal that is accessed through the Internet, which frees up time, allowing the applicant to pace the application, with increases in business efficiency from a CapeNature perspective resulting in a satisfied client”.

Henri Hattingh, Chief Executive of AWCape stated “CapeNature’s Permit System was an ideal application for Sage CRM, allowing the development team with access to class-leading software to automate the application process and manage the system through a self-service portal including a knowledge base and a payment gateway from SagePay, ensuring excellent return on investment for CapeNature”.

The system went live in September 2017 and has to date issued four times more permits compared to the previous period, with excellent reporting to CapeNature management on types of permits issued, timing of each, right down to the number of permits issued and managed per consultant.

About CapeNature


Nature Conservation


Western Cape, South Africa


Sage CRM

CapeNature is a public institution mandated to promote and ensure biodiversity conservation within the Western Cape. It manages most of the mountain catchments and reserves that supply ecosystem services to the citizens of the Western Cape and much of these efforts are in remote areas out of the public eye, but have a direct bearing on the quality of life of millions of people in the province. Permits issued range from flower picking to permission for keeping animals in protected areas.


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